Chartered Accountants
Looking after your wealth has never been so important, for individuals and businesses. Effective wealth management ensures you are optimizing all of the financial and tax options available to you, and securing your own and your family's future.
Growth in business has to be accompanied by sound financial management and controls, Corporate can gain a broad range of financial, corporate advisory and secretarial services.
J.C.Shah & Co.’s Corporate Finance practice has a successful track record of providing a broad range of financial and strategic advisory services to clients across a wide array of industries. These services comprise objective advice on mergers and acquisitions, financing options and evaluating strategic alternatives.
Our firm have strong liaison with various nationalized and private banks and hence we can very well negotiate with the bank in respect banking transaction for availability of loan at competitive rate of interest and very fast.
  To provide you all this, we are well equipped with a team of experienced Chartered Accountant and a disciplined second level staff apart from the requisite infrastructure & database. Discipline, quality and integrity have always been the hallmarks of our success.
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