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Human Resources :
The Partners of the Firm have wide experience ranging from a maximum of 39 years to a minimum of 6 years. The Partners and the Employees of the Firm have rich experience and exposure in varied industry and fields which has enabled them to offer a wide range of specialty services to its clients and are well equipped to give full justice to all types of assignments. The human resource position of our firm is as under:
Qualified Staff  : 1 
Articled Trainees  : 9 
Support Staff  : 3 
“We provide continuous and regular training to our staff to keep them up-dated with the industry changes and additions. We have association with team of highly caliber; rich experienced and well trained personnel whose services are availed on need basis which includes retired Ex-Bankers, Valuer and Legal Experts etc.”
Our people are our greatest asset. They are the personification of our core values. At J. C. Shah & Co. this principle holds true – we grow only when our people grow.
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