Chartered Accountants
Audit & Assurance are two complementary aspects of our core services and cover a wide range of services to clients of all sizes in many different sectors.

J.C.Shah & Co. has wide experience of Audit and Assurance Services since 1971.

Audit approach of the firm is to concentrate efforts on controls and key risk areas enabling to provide a straight forward, cost effective audit.

Our audit methods involve gaining in depth understanding of an organization’s business, its internal working, its external environment and the client’s requirements so that we can focus on those aspects that require the most attention during the audit.

J.C.Shah & Co. recognize the commercial importance of providing assurance on business controls so that there are no surprises. Equally, we understand the importance of providing advice to help clients develop their business.

  To provide you all this, we are well equipped with a team of experienced Chartered Accountant and a disciplined second level staff apart from the requisite infrastructure & database. Discipline, quality and integrity have always been the hallmarks of our success.
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